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Cas Associates e-commerce has been in operation for 14 years in Monmouth County, New Jersey and holds the following certifications: ​​​Ocean Twp. business license, federal SAM business vendor, New Jersey SBE Categor 1, New York City SBS WBE, and NJTRANSIT DBE.  It is a female owned business and Ms. Sansone, as owner, is an independent consultant having over 20 years of information technology experience  having a Master level education in science and business administration. She has partnered with other firms, such as, CDW​ and can provide a full range of professional consulting and reseller services of "commercial" hardware, software and electronics from leading manufacturers.

Let us be of service to your organization and maximize the value of your business enterprise through cost effective procurement and/or quality project management. To-date, contracts have been obtained within the federal government for Xerox and within education for Sony products. CasTechBiz department has most of the products your organization needs for unit sales or integrated platforms utilizing channel sales distributions. Ms. Sansone's area of expertise is project management. 

Give us a call today to find out how our services can map to your requirements. 

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